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Charde Global | Hawaii Deep Sea Water Toner Pad

Charde Global | Hawaii Deep Sea Water Toner Pad

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CHARDE 83% Hawaii Deep Sea Water Toner Pad
Moisture, soothing, dead skin cells care, and even pore. Also, contain 7 patent ingredients, 0.00% non-stimulating skin reaction. All ingredient EWG Green.

Key Sea Pad’s Features

  1. 40 bottles of cloud ampoule in one bottle Pad! (280g of ampoule)
  2. 83% Hawaii deep sea water. Rich minerals help strengthen your skin barrier
  3. Daily skincare that ends with one toner pad
  4. Active ingredients 97.4%
  5. There are 7 patented ingredients in a CHARDE Pad. (Pore, Moisture, elasticity)
  6. The AHA ingredients take care of dead skin cells
  7. Soothing skin with 2% Centella asiatica extract
  8. With one 8 cm big size pad, from face to body total care
  9. Non-irritating(0.00%) Toner Pad
  10. All ingredients EWG Green grade
  11. It's easy to use with one touch. It's for hygiene
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