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Charde Global | Hawaii Deep Sea Water Moment Cushion (Include the replacement)

Charde Global | Hawaii Deep Sea Water Moment Cushion (Include the replacement)

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It's a Korean cushion that brings brightening, wrinkle care, UV protection triple for your skin. 

Key Features

  • Instilled with 91% hydrating essence and functional ingredients No need to apply basic skincare products
  • Only one cushion that contains essence, ampoule, moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation!
  • Hawaiian deep sea water(32%) instead of purified water, Collagen (10%)
  • Triple Functional Cosmetics [Skin-lightening, Anti-wrinkle, Sun-blocking SPF50+/pa+++]
  • 6 patents for only one cushion
  • [4 patents for the ingredients, 2 patents for the case]
  • Nano liposome smaller that pores. Extraordinary skin penetration
  • Light-weight but strongly stay-put and great texture
  • Perfect coverage as you add more layer
  • Clinically proven instant moisturizing power [Skin hydration increased by 35%]
  • Skin lrritation Test Completed (0.00%) Non Irritating
  • Skin-irritating chemical sunscreen & hard-to-apply physical sunscreen [Double-functioning sunscreen]
  • Not sticky all, keeping your hair from sticking to your face
  • This cushion comes in two colors : No.21 Vibrant Beige and No.23 Natural Beige that perfectly go well with all skin colors
  • Patented Double Locking Function & Auto Locking Case
  • Ergonomically-designed 'Hexagonal' Makeup Tool

How to Use
Press the puff applicator to the cushion and lightly pat onto the face.
Apply over areas of concern for more coverage.

Sea Water(32%), Hydrolyzed Collagen Extract(10%),Titanium Dioxide, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Cyclopentasiloxane, etc.


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